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Your Slip and Fall Claim: Determining What it’s Worth

More than likely, Brett Favre was speaking about football injuries when he shared his view. However, his remark that “injuries obviously change the way you approach the game” holds true to everyday life. That said, determining what your slip and … Continue reading

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Massachusetts Appellate Court Upholds Award of Benefits to Nurse in Back Injury Claim

Workers’ compensation cases involve many different steps and determinations, including an analysis of whether you have reached maximum medical improvement and whether you are able to pursue meaningful work in another position either in the same field or another field. … Continue reading

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New York Court Upholds Dismissal of Malpractice Claim As Untimely

When it comes to personal injury and wrongful death litigation, time is of the essence. If a New York medical malpractice lawsuit is not filed on within the statute of limitations, it has very little chance of ever being considered … Continue reading

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Jurors Award $400K in Cancer Claim Against RJR, Find Smoker 75% at Fault

Stock image.  Quincy, FL— A Florida jury Thursday handed down a $400,000 verdict against R.J. Reynolds for its role in a smoker’s lung cancer death, but apportioned the lion’s share of responsibility to the smoker himself, which will likely slash … Continue reading

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Massachusetts Landowner Defeats Prescriptive Easement Claim by Demonstrating Permissive Use of Driveway

One of the most important factors in a Massachusetts prescriptive easement claim is whether the claimant’s use of the property was permissive or adverse.  The Land Court recently addressed this issue when deciding an April 5, 2019 case.  The plaintiff … Continue reading

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