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Second Circuit rejects falsity by necessary implication claim for UL certification

Board-Tech Electronic Co. v. Eaton Corporation, Cooper Wiring Devices, Inc., — Fed.Appx. —-, 2018 WL 2901336, No. 17-3829-cv (2d Cir. Jun. 11, 2018)Board-Tech and Eaton compete in the market for decorative light switches. Underwriters Laboratories (UL) is an independent entity … Continue reading

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Commissioner disputes claim (Sun-Sentinel)

Mary McCarty denies meeting Masilottis wife An attempt by disgraced former County Commissioner Tony Masilotti to blame Commissioner Mary McCarty for his downfall is “insane” and “categorically untrue,” McCarty said Friday. Read more detail on Legal News Directory – Family … Continue reading

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US News Lawyer Directory has Launched – Claim Your Profile

The US News Lawyer Directory has launched, so head over and claim your profile. Or see if you didn’t make the cut of lawyers included. They are adding more so it may take some time. While there market has a … Continue reading

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A Subpoena May Be a Claim if the Insured says It Is

Whether or not there is coverage under a D&O Policy to pay for expenses incurred responding to a governmental subpoena is a recurring question that nets an inconsistent answer from courts around the country. While the question is often fact … Continue reading

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Court Allows “Battery by GIF” Claim to Proceed–Eichenwald v. Rivello

Journalist Kurt Eichenwald suffered a seizure after seeing a tweet with a strobe GIF. The sender tweeted the GIF allegedly knowing Eichenwald suffered from epilepsy. The sender was charged criminally, and Eichenwald also filed a civil suit. Defendant moved to … Continue reading

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