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Ronald Fossum is the Subject of a Pending Civil Charge

Public records provided by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and accessed on January 12, 2017 indicate that former Washington-based investment adviser Ronald Fossum has been charged with fraud by the SEC. Fitapelli … Continue reading

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Former Inmate, Plaintiff, and Civil Rights Advocate Bobby Battle Dies at Age 80

A former inmate named Bobby Battle whose landmark 1972 rights lawsuit led to a reform of the Oklahoma prison system died this week at the age of 80. “Bobby is an unsung hero. He had the guts to stand up … Continue reading

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The Texas Dram Shop Act: Civil Liability of Serving Alcoholic Beverages to Drunk Patrons

43 states, including Texas, have laws that impose a duty on bars and restaurants not to serve intoxicated patrons alcohol, and if they do, then the statute provides a means for injured individuals to sue the liquor licensee for their … Continue reading

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Representing the Injured or Disabled Member Part 56: Civil Claims against the Perpetrator and other Third Parties

By Jim Cline This article is the 56th in a multiple part series covering the rights your injured and disabled members have and how you, as a union or guild representative, can best assist them.  Over the last few months … Continue reading

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New Year, New Laws for Civil Litigators

The California legislature has enacted several new laws that may affect your litigation practice. Here are some of the key statutory changes you need to know about. You can’t file a motion to strike or for judgment on the pleadings … Continue reading

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