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New York City imposes temporary cap on Uber, Lyft vehicles

Enlarge / A Lyft ride-hailing vehicle moves through traffic in Manhattan on July 30, 2018 in New York City. (credit: Spencer Platt/Getty Images) The New York City Council voted Wednesday to put a ceiling on the number of ride-hailing cars—namely … Continue reading

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Are Violation Notices Received by HOAs from the City Public Record?

Here is a different type of question. “I have a question that has puzzled our board and book keeping company .Our association has received a notice to comply from the Code Enforcement division of our City. Is the violation notice … Continue reading

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CFP: Preparing for Climate Change in the Planned and Unplanned City – Texas A&M – Feb 18-23

From Tim Mulvaney at Texas A&M Law: Read more detail on Recent Real Estate and Property Law posts –

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Constitutionality of Reconstituting the City of Toronto

On Oct. 20, 2018, the City of Toronto its 86th municipal election, the largest city in Canada, with the 6th largest government in the country and nearly 8% of the entire country’s population. On July 27, 2018, just a few months before this … Continue reading

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A Cautionary Tale of Sarcasm in Social Media–Ross v. City of Jackson

An unspecified Facebook friend of Ross posted a meme that was something like this: Ross favors gun control. He replied with a comment: “Which one do I need to shoot up a kindergarten?” Perhaps feeling satisfied that he had won the … Continue reading

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