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Protecting Senior Citizens Against Identity Theft

Identity theft is a serious concern for all Americans, but senior citizens can be particularly vulnerable. Thieves often target the elderly, because they are perceived to be more trusting and easy to swindle. A recent $20 million telephone scam which … Continue reading

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Policy: Bringing rulemaking to ordinary citizens – and ordinary lawyers

On RegBlog, Cary Coglianese (Penn) has posted an extract from his recent report to the Administrative Conference on the United States on Federal Agency Use of Electronic Media in the Rulemaking Process, "Making the Rulemaking Process Accessible to Ordinary Citizens"…. … Continue reading

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Making the Rulemaking Process Accessible to Ordinary Citizens

Agencies use the Internet for many different purposes, communicating through their websites valuable information to the public not only about rulemaking, but also about a variety of other issues and activities. The proliferation of competing demands for communication makes rulemaking … Continue reading

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UK court allows Kenya citizens to sue UK government for torture

[JURIST] A UK court on Thursday ruled [text, PDF] that four elderly Kenyans could sue Britain’s government on claims related to torture that took place during a 1950s anti-colonial rebellion. The Kenyans, who are now over 70 years old, allege … Continue reading

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Expanding Citizens United

Ruling that the Supreme Court has wiped out constitutional distinctions between individuals and corporations when each wants to give money directly to candidates for President and Congress, a federal judge in Virgtinia has struck down a law dating back to … Continue reading

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