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[Eugene Volokh] Eliminate Article II’s Anomalous Birth Requirement, so “Made in America” Citizens May Run, With Gratitude, for President

Thank you to readers and commenters here this week. Your thoughtful consideration has improved my proposed amendment to render eligible for President all American citizens who meet the age and duration requirements of Article II. You have persuaded me to … Continue reading

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ICE's Arrest and Detention of U.S. Citizens

Davino Watson, a U.S. citizen, was wrongfully held in immigration detention centers for more than three years while he sought to prove his citizenship. (Carolyn Cole / Los Angeles Times) Paige St. John and Joel Rubin in the Los Angeles… … Continue reading

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L Intracompany Transfers Pilot Program for Canadian Citizens

USCIS and CPB at the Blaine, Washington, Port of Entry (POE) have formally announced that from April 30, 2018, until October 31, 2018, the agencies jointly will implement a pilot program for Canadian citizens seeking entry in L status pursuant … Continue reading

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EU27 and UK citizens’ acquired rights in the Brexit withdrawal agreement: detailed analysis and annotation

EU Law Analysis Blog – Professor Steve Peers, University of Essex: “The issue of the acquired rights of EU27 and UK citizens has long been a focus of this blog. The latest development in this field is the proposed rules … Continue reading

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How Minnesota Bankruptcy Helps Senior Citizens Get Debt Relief

Many seniors—perhaps after a lifetime of responsible spending and financial planning—find themselves in debt later in life. Typically, an upsurge in medical bills and related expenses causes seniors to fall behind on payments; because most seniors are on a fixed … Continue reading

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