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Unimpeachable: 7th Circuit Finds Evidence That Sauna Was Used As Place Of Prostitution Inadmissible Under Rape Shield Rule

Like all states, Wisconsin has a rape shield rule. Under Wisconsin's rule, WIS. STAT. Section 972.11(2)(b), in civil and criminal cases involving alleged sex crimes, any evidence concerning the complaining witness's prior sexual conduct or opinions of the witness's prior… … Continue reading

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New FTCA Case From Sixth Circuit – Josh Himes v. USA

New Federal Tort Claims Act case from the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals. The case involved an issue of whether the USA is entitled to an up-the-ladder immunity that companies enjoy under Kentucky state law. The Sixth Circuit found that … Continue reading

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Law Firm Can't Accept $7.5MM to Screw Clients, Second Circuit Rules

Did you really not know that screwing your clients could get you in trouble? A law firm that agreed to take many millions — up to $7.5 millions — from a defendant in return for getting plaintiff-clients to settle cheap … Continue reading

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Eighth Circuit Holds Replacement Workers Not Covered by WARN Act

In a recent decision, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit held that workers hired as replacements during a strike are not covered by the notice requirements of the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act [WARN Act, 29… … Continue reading

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The Second Circuit recently clarified that its Verity decision, in which the court found that net profits was the proper measure for a disgorgement award in an FTC action, was limited to situations involving third-party processors. Instead, the court found … Continue reading

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