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When Is Choosing Single Parenthood a Better Option Than Marriage?

As a divorce lawyer, my days are spent untangling the married lives of people who no longer want to be married, and who sometimes should never have gotten married in the first place. In a recent New York Times article … Continue reading

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Circumstances Under Which an Attorney of Your Choosing May Not Be Permitted to Represent You

One of the many rights litigants have is the right to be represented by counsel of their own choosing. Simple, right? Well, not really. An attorney of your choosing could be disqualified from representing you if that attorney had participated … Continue reading

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Choosing A Personal Injury Attorney

Choosing A Personal Injury Attorney Source: Flickr Personal injury attorney advertising is rising rapidly. Every time you turn on your TV or radio there are more personal injury attorney advertisements. Ironically, most personal injury attorneys and, in my opinion, most … Continue reading

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3 key things to think about when choosing a law school

Future 1Ls, this one’s for you! I thought I would share my thoughts on the factors rising law school students should consider when choosing a law school.*  I think there are three things that you should consider once you have … Continue reading

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New York Times Article: Choosing A Nursing Home? Check The YELP App!

If you are choosing a nursing home, a May 11, 2018 article by Paula Span in the New York Times suggests an interesting addition to your arsenal of information: the Yelp app. The article is No Luck Finding the Right Nursing … Continue reading

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