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Participatory Rulemaking in China Needs Even More Effort

In new revisions to two administrative regulations, the State Council in China last December added more requirements for participatory rulemaking. These new requirements provide the public with an opportunity for different forms of participation at three main stages of developing … Continue reading

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Trump Administration Considering Use of IEEPA To Restrict U.S. Technology Transfer to China

Recent reports suggest that the Administration may declare an emergency under the International Emergency Economic Powers Act (IEEPA) to grant the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) authority to review transactions involving the transfer of U.S. technology … Continue reading

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Book Review: Governance and Risk Management in China

It is axiomatic in the current global economy that every business needs to have a China strategy. Most business enterprises are drawn to the world’s most populous country and second-largest economy. But while China represents an attractive business marketplace, it … Continue reading

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Trump's China Trade War Is Just the Beginning | The Weekly Standard

The real battle will come when America decides not to allow China to dominate the industries of the future by flaunting the rules that have governed the international trading system since the end of World War II. Xi's "Made in … Continue reading

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China and US Treasuries

As I write this in Q2 2018, non-agency US federal debt is estimated at $21,120,516,214,632.52, or about $64,727 per person in the US. What fraction of that $21.1 trillion debt do you suppose is held by the Chinese? Go ahead, … Continue reading

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