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Case Law Development: Childs Opinion Should Be Considered in Custody Battle over Circumcision of Ad

The Oregon Supreme Court held that a custodial father’s decision to have his 12-year-old son circumcised so the child can convert to Judaism may provide a basis for a change in circumstances allowing a custody modification if the boy opposes… … Continue reading

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Parent Writes Book About Driver Safety After Child’s Death

For teens, getting their driver’s license is a fun and exciting time that generally means more freedom and more responsibility. For parents, it generally means more anxiety and stress and a bigger insurance premium. For teens, there are dangers that … Continue reading

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Should My Child’s Special Needs Trust Own a Home?

One of the biggest concerns for parents of children with disabilities is where their child will live in the future. Adequate housing options for people with disabilities is a challenge to say the least. Some parents want their child to … Continue reading

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As School Year Begins, Review Your Child’s IEP and Request Needed Changes

By Marion M. Walsh, Esq., Littman Krooks LLP As the school year begins for your child with a disability, review his or her Individualized Education Program (IEP) and ensure that it is correct and that it accurately reflects your child’s … Continue reading

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What Happens When You and Your Child’s Other Florida-Based Parent are Hopelessly Deadlocked in Making an Important Child Welfare Decision?

Many courts, when facing a divorce or paternity case, award the parents shared parental responsibility. In fact, shared parental responsibility is the default option that will be implemented unless there is proof that such a custody arrangement would be against … Continue reading

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