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Should the FCC Give the Children’s Television Act a Timeout?

67155536The FCC’s reexamination of the Children’s Television Act (CTA), which sets forth a myriad of rules and regulations with respect to the broadcasting of children’s programming, has entered the next phase as the deadline to submit public comments passed on … Continue reading

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Who gets children’s 529 accounts and divorce?

Most couples decide to keep a 529 college savings plan as the children’s funds and used for college expenses. If there is no such agreement, the court will include any 529 college savings plan in the marital assets, to be … Continue reading

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FDA Reevaluates Standards and Rules for Childrens Cold Medicine in Response to Mounting Eviden

New FDA-regulated modifications to over the counter cold and cough medicines should be observed by parents of young children. The following is the FDA statement regarding the new regulations applied to over-the-counter cough and cold medicine. Links have been added to … Continue reading

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Information Needed to Assess Children’s Lawyer Function

The involvement of children in our legal system is one that requires particular sensitivity and care, given their own limits of autonomy, but also the long-lasting consequences that the justice system can have on them. Access to information as to … Continue reading

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Special advocates: Law students making a difference in children’s lives

For abused and neglected children in transition, sometimes their strongest advocate isn’t a lawyer. Sometimes it’s a law student or someone else from the community simply willing to spend time with them and listen to their needs. Each year a … Continue reading

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