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Income Earned by Child Taxed to Parent

If a minor child earns income, is the income taxable to the parent or the child?  There have been quite a few tax disputes involving this question.  The Ray v. Commissioner, T.C. Memo. 2018-160 court case provides an opportunity to consider … Continue reading

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How to Change Child Support When a Child Turns 18 in Illinois

In this article, we explain how to change child support obligations when a child turns 18 in Illinois. Read more detail on Recent Real Estate and Property Law posts –

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Landmark Ontario Court Decision Awarded Child Support For Adult With Disabilities

From The Star: It is the final chapter in a constitutional challenge that changed provincial legislation and gives new hope to single parents caring for children with disabilities. An Ontario court judge has awarded Brampton single mother Robyn Coates monthly… … Continue reading

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How Income Shares Impacts Child Support

Last year, Illinois adopted the income shares model to calculate child support. With this model, the way child is calculated in Illinois has significantly changed. If you are going through a divorce and wondering how the income share model will … Continue reading

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Illinois Child Support Laws Explained

In this article, we’ll be going over the child support laws in Illinois, as well as the consequences of not paying child support. Read more detail on Recent Estate Planning posts –

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