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Recouping Overpaid Child Support: Two Lessons

If you delay going to court after an event that changes rights and obligations, you do so at your peril. In Fortgang v. Fortgang, the parties were divorced in May 2011. Under their stipulation of settlement, the parties agreed that … Continue reading

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How to Win Court Approval to Relocate with Your Child

Divorced parents often try to stay in the same area in order to maximize both parents’ involvement in the lives of their children, but that is not always possible. One parent may have a career opportunity that requires relocation, or … Continue reading

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What Is The Washington Division Of Child Support?

This post has been updated. So you went through a divorce and custody hearing. It was long, it was tough, but you got primary guardianship. And the court awarded you regular child support. These payments are designed to provide for … Continue reading

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Lafourche Parish School Board Potentially Liable for Child Injured in Bus Stop Accident

Entrusting a child to the care of a school bus requires a certain amount of faith that they will arrive at the correct destination, safely.  For any parent or guardian this evokes a certain amount of anxiety. For a parent … Continue reading

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How is Child Custody Determined After A Divorce?

When a couple divorces, one of the first things the parents consider is how this is going to affect the children. Separation is always a challenging time that leads to more questions than answers, but that is even more true … Continue reading

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