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Urban Health Education and Leadership Project (UHELP) Launches a Culturally Accurate Lifestyle Guide

CHICAGO, IL – UHELP, the Urban Health & Leadership Project, is distributing a Lifestyle guide to people of color throughout the U.S. that will assist them to live healthier lives all year long. UHELP teamed up with BlackDoctor.org, the nation’s … Continue reading

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Lax Enforcement May Increase Your Risk of a Chicago Taxi Cab Accident

Bad cab drivers are frequently let off the legal hook — leaving them behind the wheel and increasing your risk for a Chicago taxi cab accident. Our Chicago personal injury lawyers have watched as the government has waged a number … Continue reading

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College Savings Takes a Hit in Bad Chicago Economy as Debt Looms

A savings account may be a luxury for many people as saving money for the future isn't as feasible as it once was for many families. With the economy struggling to recover and people dealing with job loss, high-interest loans … Continue reading

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Video — The Federal Goverment Loses Hundreds of Billions of Dollars Each Year to Fraud — Our Chicago Business Trial and Fraud Lawyers Bring Qui Tam and Whistle Blower Claims to Assist in Recovering Some of Those Monies

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Drugs and Alcohol Played Role in Teen's Fatal Chicago Crash

Marquis Harrison, a 16 year-old honors student at Urban Prep Charter Academy, left a party around 6 a.m. on July 11 allegedly high on ecstasy, marijuana, and vodka. Harrison noticed that the driver of a Range Rover went to pay … Continue reading

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