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Cheap car accessories for senior drivers can prevent crashes and save lives

Senior drivers have a higher risk of dying in a car crash than younger drivers. Some inexpensive car accessories can help older drivers to drive more safely and prevent accidents but only 10% take advantage of them. Drivers over 65-year-old … Continue reading

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Can I Keep My Car in Bankruptcy? Yes. In Fact, You May Be Able to Keep It on the Cheap!

It’s a little-known secret — and too infrequently exercised right of a debtor — to “redeem” a car in Chapter 7 bankruptcy, that is, take the car back from the lender at what the car is worth, not what you … Continue reading

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Exercise for Cheap

The benefits of staying in shape have been espoused numerous times. I don’t want to focus too much on that here. Though, it is worth keeping in mind that studies have shown thinner, more attractive-looking people receive preferential treatment in the job … Continue reading

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Cheap Lawyer Fees

One of the biggest misunderstanding between lawyers and clients is the matter of the fee. You want a lawyer who knows the subject matter of your legal problem inside and out, charges fairly, treats you with respect, and good communicate. … Continue reading

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Will The New Amazon Tablet Be Cheap And Amazing?

Amazon Tablet Will One-Click Your Life When Amazon announces its new tablet next week, it had better cost less than $300, and have features essential to Amazon customers everywhere. Any less in a crowded Android tablet field, and the dogs … Continue reading

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