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Tactics Used By Insurance Companies In Challenging a Car Accident Claim

Just because a company is in the business of insurance does not mean that it has noble motives. A car insurance company is a company just like any other, meaning that its reason for existence is to generate profits for … Continue reading

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NY Court Denies Motion to Dismiss Case Challenging Teacher Tenure Statutes

Thanks to Mitch Rubinstein for sending word of Davids v. State, ____A.D. 3d____(NY App. Div. 2d Dep't. March 28, 2018), where a New York appellate court refused to dismiss a constitutional challenge to teacher tenure statutes. Basically, the claim is… … Continue reading

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Beyond Capacity: Assessing Challenging Cases – EthicsLab Podcast

Catholic Health Initiatives produces the EthicsLab Podcast. This show explores current health care ethics issues with national experts to provide better knowledge and practical results. I was delighted to be a guest late last year. The most recent episode was "Beyond … Continue reading

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Challenging showup identifications – Fairfax criminal lawyer on Fourth Amendment defense

Challenging showup identifications – Fairfax criminal lawyer on totality of circumstances Fairfax criminal lawyer on challenging showup identifications of criminal suspects Challenging showup identifications under the Fourth Amendment is a must for criminal defendants whose guilt or innocence rises or … Continue reading

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Challenging Paternity in Texas Courts

Fatherhood is an honor and a joy. However, if the child is not yours, paternity creates an unfair, burdensome obligation to pay child support. What should you do if you are named as the father of a child you don’t … Continue reading

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