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slicing and dicing claims about unapproved drugs, court allows challenge to some under Lanham Act

G&W Laboratories, Inc. v. Laser Pharmaceuticals, LLC, No. 17-cv-3974-BRM-DEA, 2018 WL 3031943 (D.N.J. Jun. 19, 2018)G&W sells Anucort, a prescription drug for use in treatment of hemorrhoids. G&W alleged that its formulation delivers 25 mg of the active ingredient “in … Continue reading

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Sixth Circuit panel struggles to figure out Tennessee law to assess Miller challenge in high-profile case

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Prescription drugs that kill: The challenge of identifying deaths in government data

Data Driven Journalism – Mike Stuka: “An editor at The Palm Beach Post printed out hundreds of pages of reports and asked a simple question that turned out to be weirdly complex: How many people were being killed by a prescription … Continue reading

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Why Moral Risk Presents a Challenge to Retributivist Punishment (Cross-Posted)

As we grow up, it really feels like we make choices as first movers. It feels like I decided to drink coffee this morning in a way that was not simply the result of atoms crashing into each other in… … Continue reading

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Researchers May Challenge the Constitutionality of the CFAA “Access” Provision as Applied to Web Scraping

Such Scraping “Plausibly Falls within the Ambit of the First Amendment” The Ninth Circuit is currently considering the appeal of the landmark hiQ decision, where a lower court had granted an injunction that limited the applicability of the federal Computer … Continue reading

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