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Central NY Injury Lawyer Quoted in Highly Regarded Online Legal Newspaper .

I recently posted a blog about New York’s top Court’s recent ruling that New York personal injury plaintiffs can win “summary judgment” against defendants without proving that the plaintiff was blameless for his own injury.  The rule previously, in most … Continue reading

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Emails – Oil Was Central in Decision to Shrink Bears Ears Monument

The New York Times: “Even before President Trump officially opened his high-profile review last spring of federal lands protected as national monuments, the Department of Interior was focused on the potential for oil and gas exploration at a protected Utah … Continue reading

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Gunman Kills Parents in Central Michigan University Dorm Room

A gunman who shot two people in the dormitories of Central Michigan University is still on the run. Law enforcement confirmed they were searching for a suspect following a daylight murder on Friday. Described as “armed and dangerous,” police have … Continue reading

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Central Bank Immunity – Don't Miss

This is an important intervention about a massively important topic that comes up over and over again in sovereign restructurings, and will come up in more and more interesting ways in the next few years. Short version here. Read more … Continue reading

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Avoid Exploding E-Cigarettes: A Public Safety Announcement from Your Central New York Injury Lawyer.

Remember those old cartoons with exploding cigars?  Pretty funny in a cartoon.  Not so funny in real life. Today’s real-life exploding “smokes” are not the old-fashioned trick cigars, but rather the hip x-generation electronic cigarettes (a/k/a vaping devices).  They may … Continue reading

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