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The Federal Government Offers a Case Study in Bad Email Tracking

EFF: “The U.S. government sends a lot of emails. Like any large, modern organization, it wants to “optimize” for “user engagement” using “analytics” and “big data.” In practice, that means tracking the people it communicates with—secretly, thoroughly, and often, insecurely. … Continue reading

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In Case You Didn’t Know: Minimum Wage in Massachusetts is Now $12/Hour

For those either too busy to hear the news last July, or maybe just too forgetful to recall it, the minimum wage in Massachusetts rose to $12/hour on January 1, … more → The post In Case You Didn’t Know: … Continue reading

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Justices won’t block mystery criminal case subpoena

With no Justice noting a dissent, the Supreme Court on Tuesday afternoon reinstated a federal judge’s fine of $50,000 a day on an unidentified company controlled by a foreign government for the company’s refusal to provide information in a U.S. … Continue reading

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Government Wins First Son of BOSS Case to be Tried

The Government won a major victory late Friday afternoon in the first Son of BOSS case to be litigated. Jade Trading LLC v. United States, No 03-2164T (Fed. Cl. 12/21/07). The court held that the taxpayers $450,000 investment that generated… … Continue reading

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Free movement of Goods, Motorcycle Trailers, Product Use and Road Safety: Case C-110/05

Heres a judgment thats important not for what it decides but for what it does not decide. It is the judgment of the Court of Justice in Case C-110/05 Commission v. Italy and concerns the free movement of goods. The… … Continue reading

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