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Episode 009: “To the Best of my Knowledge” – The case against attorney use of VA Form 21-4138.

In a recent court appeal, the VA was relying on the unsigned and unsworn statement of a random government bureaucrat. This bureaucrat was “testifying” to the lack of existence of any evidence that my client was exposed to the herbicide … Continue reading

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[Eugene Volokh] Just in Time for National Bourbon Day (June 14), a Bourbon Trademark Case

National Bourbon Day is apparently June 14; and, perhaps or perhaps not entirely coincidentally, the Sixth Circuit yesterday released a bourbon trademark law opinion, Sazerac Brands, LLC v. Peristyle, LLC. It's written by Judge Jeffrey Sutton, who was recently interviewed … Continue reading

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Preliminary Reference, National Appeals and National Courts: Case C-210/06

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Sixth Circuit panel struggles to figure out Tennessee law to assess Miller challenge in high-profile case

Read more detail on Recent Law Professor posts –

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3 major benefits of mediating your divorce case

No one wants to go through a divorce, and it's stressful to have to negotiate when you and your spouse aren't on good terms. There are multiple ways to resolve your issues, but one you need to consider is mediation. … Continue reading

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