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The Role Breastfeeding Plays in a Child Custody Case

Anyone who has ever gone through a divorce knows that when a child custody battle is involved, the gloves tend to come off. Anything can and will affect the outcome of the child custody case—that includes factors like age, location, … Continue reading

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Appeals court enforces air waybill liability limit in case alleging injury to exotic cat

Lentini v. Delta Air Lines, Inc. (NY App. Div. 2nd Dept. Mar. 14, 2018).  The plaintiff, a New York resident, had purchased a “Savannah silver spotted kitten” from a Florida kennel for $2,300.  She planned to train “Prince Maddox” to … Continue reading

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4th Circuit Public-Sector Retaliation Case

Jon Harkavy (Patterson Harkavy) sends word of Strothers v. City of Laurel, Maryland, downloadable here, a Fourth Circuit decision handed down last Friday. The case involves a Title VII retaliation claim against a public employer based on a complaint of… … Continue reading

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Statement to Police Officer Found Admissible in Washington Domestic Violence Case

In Washington domestic violence cases, the prosecution or defense may want to present evidence of what one of the involved parties said about the events.  Hearsay evidence is generally not allowed, so such statements must fall within an exception to … Continue reading

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Attorney Guilty in $11.8 Million Fraud Case

Attorney successfully schemed to take millions from couple that was intended for charity. A New York state attorney found a way to steal millions from a couple, who wanted their money to go to charity and their heirs. The attorney … Continue reading

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