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Penalties for Breaking and Entering in North Carolina

The penalties for breaking and entering (B&E) will vary depending on the following circumstances: Whether you committed the B&E with an intent to commit a felony. Whether the B&E was done in a dwelling or some other type of building. … Continue reading

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22 Injured in South Carolina Bus Crash

Over the weekend, at least 22 people were injured in a South Carolina bus crash. According to WLOS ABC News Channel 13, the incident happened on Saturday morning in Georgetown County. Very little information about this wreck has been released, … Continue reading

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Termination of North Carolina Parental Rights for Willful Abandonment

Can the court terminate a parent’s rights for willful abandonment of the children? Are there steps a parent estranged from his child can take to ensure this doesn’t happen? In a recent North Carolina appellate decision, the court considered willful … Continue reading

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Passport Restrictions in North Carolina Custody Disputes

Can a lower court restrict your use of your passport in a North Carolina child custody order? In a recent North Carolina case, the defendant appealed from the court’s denial of his motion for reconsideration and relief from a 2015 … Continue reading

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Construction Warranty Laws in North Carolina

You may have several potential legal remedies if your home has a construction defect in North Carolina. Homebuilders must comply with certain implied warranties under state law, as well as with the express terms of your construction agreement. Implied Warranties … Continue reading

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