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Fairfax Special Needs Planning Lawyer: Be Careful When Fundraising for a Person with Disabilities

With the creation of easy-access fundraising tools like “GoFundMe,” more and more people are inadvertently causing problems for the disabled person they are trying to help. Raising money for someone who depends on government programs like Medicaid or Supplemental Security … Continue reading

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Be Careful When Creating Intercreditor Agreements

When a debtor borrows money from multiple creditors, an intercreditor agreement can be helpful in determining the rights of each creditor. The primary purpose of the agreement is to establish which creditor receives priority in case the borrower defaults on its … Continue reading

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Be careful when you put that screenshot in the complaint

Fasugbe v. Willms, 2011 WL 3667440 (E.D. Cal.) Swipebids is back, now as a defendant in this putative class action. Plaintiffs alleged that defendants, including Swipebids.com, violated the California CLRA, FAL, and UCL, and committed related torts. Plaintiffs alleged that … Continue reading

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Read more detail on Legal News Directory – Medical malpractice law

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