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Former Spouses Can’t Agree On Value Of Business And Home

Dealing with the division of property can be one of the more complicated elements of going through a divorce or separation. If you and your spouse have substantial assets or debts, determining who is both entitled and responsible for each … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Cyber Risk Health Factors Case Study — Technology Alone Can’t Fix Security

Paul Ferrillo Christophe Veltsos In the second part of a three part series, Paul Ferrillo and Christophe Veltsos explain how cyber risk assessments can provide value. Paul is a shareholder in the Greenberg Traurig law firm’s Cybersecurity, Privacy, and Crisis … Continue reading

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Judge says Trump can’t re-open Arctic waters that Obama closed to drilling

Enlarge / United States, Alaska, Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Kaktovik, frozen lagoon and sea, pack ice formation. (credit: Getty Images) On Friday, a federal judge ruled that President Trump could not re-authorize drilling in Arctic waters after President Obama removed … Continue reading

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Cardi B, You (Probably) Can’t Trademark “Okurrr,” Okay?

The saltiest trademark news in the last week surrounds singer Cardi B’s application to register the marks “Okurr” and “Okurrr,” both slang for “Okay???”–but pronounced in a hip, rolled-r trill, sometimes with a shady tone. Or, as Cardi describes, it: … Continue reading

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GAO: Agencies Can’t Blindly Rely on Adjectival Ratings to Make Award Decisions

In evaluating proposals, an agency will sometimes use “adjectival ratings” (e.g., Excellent, Good, Acceptable) to describe its assessment of a proposal or portions of a proposal. But, importantly, an agency cannot evade its responsibility to reasonably evaluate proposals–based on the … Continue reading

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