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Separated Couple Can’t Agree On How To Satisfy Equalization Payments

There are many considerations a couple must take into account when going through a separation or divorce. One of these is what happens to the matrimonial home. There are typically two options available to a couple. The first is for … Continue reading

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Please don’t repeat these things WikiLeaks says you can’t say about Assange

Enlarge / You absolutely cannot say these 140 things about Julian Assange, according to bastion of the free press WikiLeaks. (credit: Jack Taylor / Stringer, Getty Images) A representative of WikiLeaks has sent a "confidential" memo to news outlets including an … Continue reading

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My Ex Convinced The Court I Can’t Be Found

Divorce is often a long process full of ups and downs. It can be incredibly complex or it may play out in a straightforward fashion. You may only be able to communicate through lawyers or other third parties, but at … Continue reading

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What if You Can’t Pay the IRS?

Facing a bill from the IRS is not an unusual occurrence. In fact, approximately 30 percent of taxpayers found themselves with a federal bill, owing the IRS money in 2017. Finding out that you owe the IRS is tough, but … Continue reading

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Black Employees Claim Tesla Can’t Control Widespread Racism

Tesla is coming under fire by some of its black workers, who’ve filed multiple lawsuits in an effort to purge the company what they said is widespread racism. According to the New York Times, many of the complaints originate in … Continue reading

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