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Can’t say I’m surprised. You?

According to Gallup, “After four years of Affordable Care Act implementation, the percentage of adults with no health care insurance has hit 12.2 percent”So is that an increase or a reduction? The linked article continues:“In the last quarter of 2016, … Continue reading

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This is a true crime story with a twist: Ascension Alverez-Tejeda and his girlfriend were transporting drugs in their vehicle. They stopped at a traffic light and when the light turned green, the car in front of them began to … Continue reading

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CNN CAN’T STOP SAYING ‘SHITHOLE’ ON THE AIR, including Chris Cuomo on Donald Trump: ‘This Is Who He …

CNN CAN’T STOP SAYING ‘SHITHOLE’ ON THE AIR, including Chris Cuomo on Donald Trump: ‘This Is Who He Is: SH*THOLE.’ This is CNN. UPDATE: Clay Travis tweets, “Me using the word ‘boobs’ on CNN is offensive and unacceptable on television. … Continue reading

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You Can Lead an Issuer to Rule 506(c), but You Can’t Make Them Advertise

This article was originally posted on the “State Bar of Wisconsin’s Business Law Section Blog,” and was written by Attorney Lindsay M. Fedler. Many people believe most capital is raised by companies (“Issuers”) making initial public offerings or trading on … Continue reading

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Elderly doctor can’t get her medical license back, judge rules, again

Enlarge (credit: Media for Medical/UIG via Getty Images) For the second time, a New Hampshire judge has ruled against Dr. Anna Konopka, the 84-year-old New Hampshire doctor who recently surrendered her medical license after inquiries into her practice by the state … Continue reading

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