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The Importance of Corporate Governance in Cannabis Companies

Every year the Globe and Mail’s Report on Business ranks governance of Canada’s corporate boards in the “Board Games“. In the recently published 2018 edition, the boards of directors of 242 companies and trusts in the S&P/TSX index were assessed. … Continue reading

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Leafy report finds"more than 211,000 cannabis jobs across the United States"

This story at Leafy, headlined "As of 2019, Legal Cannabis Has Created 211,000 Full-Time Jobs in America," reports on Leafy's effort to account for job creation in the legal marijuana industry. Here is how the article starts: How many jobs … Continue reading

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How Cannabis Companies Tackle Legal Twists and Turns of Medical Marijuana Regulation

While the market for cannabis (or medical marijuana) grows due to the liberalization of state laws regulating growing, transportation, sale, and use of cannabis, companies that are active in the cannabis space will benefit from staying aware of legal and … Continue reading

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"The Association between Cannabis Product Characteristics and Symptom Relief"

I am grateful for a student in my marijuana reform seminar who made sure that I did not miss this new research in the journal Scientific Reports which share the title of this post and was authored by Sarah Stith, … Continue reading

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New Cannabis Laws May Help Black War on Drugs’ Targets a Leg Up on Legal Pot

California is one of the first states to attempt to make right decades of racist drug policies that tore apart families and and destroyed lives. When the voters approved a ballot measure for recreational marijuana, they also allowed those with … Continue reading

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