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30 Sick in Canada from Frozen Raw Chicken

In Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, and New Brunswick, there have been a total of 30 cases of Salmonella illness linked to poultry, including frozen raw breaded chicken products. There have been no recall warnings associated with this outbreak. The Public Health … Continue reading

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Canada Labour Code and Employee Safety: Is a Helicopter Medevac Operator Required to Provide Night Vision Goggles?

Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (HEMS) have been based out of Moosonee airport since the 80’s.  Canadian Helicopters Ltd. (CHL) took over HEMS operations at Moosonee in 1999, flying Sikorsky S-76A helicopters.  Ornge initially became involved with simply providing medical services … Continue reading

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2018 merger review thresholds for Competition Act and Investment Canada Act

The threshold for certain pre-closing net benefit reviews under the Investment Canada Act (ICA) and the threshold for a pre-closing merger notification under the Competition Act have been increased for 2018. Competition Act Canada uses a two-part test for determining whether a pre-merger notification … Continue reading

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Publicités américaines lors du Super Bowl au Canada – quand le bonheur des téléspectateurs fait le malheur des diffuseurs

Pour bien des téléspectateurs, le clou du spectacle lors du weekend du Super Bowl LII n’était pas le match de championnat – qui a vu les Eagles de Philadelphie l’emporter face aux Patriots de la Nouvelle-Angleterre – ou le concert … Continue reading

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Challenges Around the Right to Be Forgotten in Canada

This past Friday, the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada released a draft position on online reputation which includes a call for several measures that help protect Canadians, including the right to ask search engines to de-index web pages and … Continue reading

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