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8 Ways to Make Calling Witnesses More Dramatic

As a trial attorney, never forget your role as director of the courtroom play. Consider these staging decisions when it comes to calling witnesses. Early in the trial, call a witness who can authenticate an important exhibit. The exhibit could … Continue reading

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David Cowan: Helping People Get Access to Justice Is a Calling

In Attorney at Work’s A2J Q&A series, Mary Juetten checks in with leaders and entrepreneurs working to solve the access to justice problem. This time, California attorney, David Cowan, details his calling for helping people gain access to justice by breaking … Continue reading

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FCC Proposes Rules to Improve 911 Emergency Calling

By Glenn S. Richards and Joseph A. Cohen The first 911 call was made 50 years ago, long before wireless phones, texting, and Internet calling were used for everyday communications. Congress and the FCC regularly propose and adopt laws and … Continue reading

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Passengers Now Calling Directly From the Cruise Ship After Accident

Perhaps passengers are becoming more aware of their rights? Perhaps they’re scared of making a bad decision? Perhaps they’ve read too many stories on CNN or on social media about people falling off cruise ships and having to be rescued … Continue reading

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Cat Calling Attention to Women’s Footwear?

When ideas from different realms converge in a single moment of time, a new blog post is born. “Catcalling” — albeit a rebranded, reimagined, or redefined version of it — recently has been front and center in a political Twitter storm and remains a lightning … Continue reading

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