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How Long Before You Can Receive Spousal Support In A California Divorce?

This is a point that concerns many couples who are facing divorce proceedings in the State of California. The answer to how long you must wait for spousal support depends on understanding the distinction between temporary and permanent spousal support … Continue reading

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California Statute Regarding Convenience Checks Not Facially Preempted By Federal Law

Question: Is section 1748.9 of the Civil Code, which requires certain disclosures to credit card holders who use preprinted "convenience checks," preempted by the National Bank Act? Answer: No, according to Fourth District Court of Appeal, Division Three, in Parks … Continue reading

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California Court Does Not Side With Coffee

** Starbucks and other Coffee Makers Lose Latest Phase of Prop 65 Acrylamide Warning Case **                                                  … Continue reading

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Are Paper Bitcoin Wallet Transactions Taxable in California?

Paper wallets are common ways of securing your cryptocurrency in a way that cannot be hacked.  Keeping your bitcoins secured in a hard copy prevents anyone from using the internet or your computer to learn your key, making it more … Continue reading

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Insurance and California Real Estate Investments

Author: Staff Investing in California real estate is, ultimately, a gamble. Even the most experienced and savvy investor cannot know what will happen to the property years, months, weeks, or even moments from now. Risk management is therefore one of the … Continue reading

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