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Pet Custody in a Divorce Addressed by New California Law

Pet custody in a divorce was not unlike the all too familiar division of property, splitting up the furniture and deciding who gets the car. For some couples, things got significantly more challenging when it came to deciding what happens … Continue reading

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New Regulations Established by California Clarify and Expand What Can Constitute National Origin Discrimination in the Workplace

As this blog mentioned in June, the state of California has enacted new regulations to strengthen further its public policy commitment to stamping out illegal discrimination, both in housing and in workplaces. The regulations that took effect this past July … Continue reading

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Former California Medical Doctor Sentenced To Over Three Years In Prison For Unlawfully Prescribing Oxycodone to a Patient. Judge Noted Doctor Did Not Run a Pill Mill But Feeding One Patient's "Habit" Is Enough.

Previously, only physicians who went far over the line and ran "pill mills" got targeted for prosecution. Times have changed. One recent case shows a prosecution for a prescription of opioids to a single patient over a couple of years … Continue reading

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Who Gets the House in a California Divorce?

We don’t have to tell you that Southern California’s real estate prices are much higher than most parts of the country. Here in Los Angeles County, we have some of the highest home prices in the nation. For example, a … Continue reading

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In-Depth Look: Joint-Employer Standard and Liability Under California Law

Employers must keep in mind California’s rules and tests when determining joint-employer liability. Last week, we posted about the proposed rule recently announced by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), which would change the standard for determining joint-employer status under … Continue reading

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