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Taco Bell in Violation of Disability Law, Federal Judge in California Rules

A federal judge recently ruled that Mexican fast food chain Taco Bell violated both federal and California laws protecting the disabled from discrimination at its restaurants, the Associated Press reports. While this ruling is based on customer complaints, the same … Continue reading

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California Cohabitation provides "firewall" to divorce?

Nowadays we are seeing more and more couples opting to live together rather than getting married fairly quickly. A new article reports that due to such cohabitation, it provides a "firewall" to stop unstable relationships from ending years later in … Continue reading

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California Divorce and the Economy

Would you ever stay with your spouse simply because you could not afford to divorce him or her? Well, there may be a correlation between the downturn in the economy and divorce rates. Indeed, some people opt to stay with … Continue reading

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The Labor Law Trends in California

Despite the fact that the economic situation in California actually looks pretty good for the near future, the employers of that state are still finding themselves treading carefully along the legal lines of the complex labor laws which are in … Continue reading

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Irvine California and the Rights of Muslim Hecklers

Ten Muslim student were convicted in Irvine California yesterday for conspiring to disrupt and disrupting the speech of the Israeli Ambassador on the Irvine campus. One by one the students stood in a large ballroom and yelled at the Ambassador. … Continue reading

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