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California Court Finds Return from Deployment Does Not Confer Automatic Custody Benefit to Deployed Parent

In a recent California child custody case, the court considered a military deployment presumption in California’s family code, clarifying how courts should interpret the statute. The Facts of the Case In that case, a couple married, had two children, and … Continue reading

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California Opens Applications for Temporary Cannabis Licenses

California is now accepting applications for temporary cannabis licenses. For more information, see www.dorsey.com/newsresources/publications/client-alerts/2017/12/ca-opens-applications-for-temporary-cannabis. Read more detail on Recent Securities Law posts –

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Dead Zone? Direct Claims by Creditors of a California Corporation May Not Lie Against Managem

The California Court of Appeal recently rejected the argument that directors and officers owe fiduciary duties to the companys creditors when the company is in the so-called "zone of insolvency," or is even clearly insolvent. In Berg & Berg Enterprises, LLC … Continue reading

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How the Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act Can Affect California Real Estate Investments

Author: Staff California offers a vast array of opportunities for real estate investors from around the world. In the San Diego area, for example, investors can participate in new residential and commercial developments, purchase distressed properties with the goal of rehabilitating … Continue reading

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Taco Bell in Violation of Disability Law, Federal Judge in California Rules

A federal judge recently ruled that Mexican fast food chain Taco Bell violated both federal and California laws protecting the disabled from discrimination at its restaurants, the Associated Press reports. While this ruling is based on customer complaints, the same … Continue reading

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