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California Setting Stage for Crackdown on Dubious Stem Cell Clinics

The California stem cell agency, state regulators and lawmakers are taking aim at the hundreds of dubious, unregulated "stem cell" clinics now operating in the Golden State.The goal is to regulate clinics that are using what they describe as stem … Continue reading

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California Federal Court Approves Settlement in Automatic Renewal Case

Many online ecommerce companies operate on a subscription model.  Such companies need to be cognizant of federal and state laws governing advertising and enrollment in continuous service plans.   The failure to consider particular state requirements can have significant consequences given … Continue reading

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California Stem Cell Agency Slated to Award $6.2 Million to Fight Lymphoma

California's $3 billion stem cell agency, which turned 14 last month, is expected next Thursday to give away another $6.2 million as it continues its efforts to fulfill the expectations of the voters who created it in 2004.Also possibly on … Continue reading

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California Cannabis Insurance: Risks and Regulations

Almost all California businesses know they’ll need to secure some type of insurance. Unfortunately, as our Los Angeles marijuana business attorneys know full well, companies that deal in cannabis face a host of major hurdles for this essential service. Although … Continue reading

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New California Law Brings Changes to Juvenile Justice

The goal of the juvenile justice system is slightly different than that of the adult justice system. It is widely accepted in the legal world that juveniles have more of a capacity for change than older individuals, which is why the … Continue reading

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