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Published Decision From the Court of Appeal of California, First Appellate District, Division Two, Regarding Penal Code section 1473.7

I now have my first published decision. People v. Morales (2018) 25 Cal.App.5th 502. The case came out of San Mateo County Superior Court and involved the statutory interpretation of Penal Code section 1473.7, specifically when a motion to vacate … Continue reading

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What is an Expungement, How Can it Help Me, and How Do I Go About Obtaining One in California?

A DUI conviction can have a serious impact on your life. It may cost hundreds in fines, may negatively affect your insurance rates, and may even affect the jobs at which you can work. (As an example, a DUI on … Continue reading

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What’s ‘Judicial Notice,’ and What Impact Can it Have on My California Auto Accident Case?

If your opponent in your auto accident case asked the court to take “judicial notice” of a document, would you know what that meant? Would you know how to respond? Even many very intelligent and educated people would probably answer … Continue reading

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California Physician Charged in Self-Referral Case With Felony Insurance Fraud and Perjury for Allegedly Referring Workers Comp Patients to a Laboratory and Surgery Center In Which He Allegedly Had Ownership Interest

Referring patients to other business entities that a physician has an ownership interest in can be a violation of the law depending on the type of patient (Medicare, workers' compensation) and it is important to ensure that the rules are … Continue reading

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En busca de la identidad química del vino de Baja California

Por Karla Navarro Ensenada, Baja California.  (Agencia Informativa Conacyt).- Son más de dos mil compuestos químicos los que están presentes en el vino, derivado de la uva, su fermentación y añejamiento. El control químico del vino ayuda a los productores … Continue reading

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