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SEC Busts $102 Million Ponzi Scheme Targeting Financial Advisor Books Of Business

At the same time he was misappropriating investor funds, Santillo threw himself a party at a nightclub in Las Vegas for which he commissioned a song about himself to be played. The lyrics to that song refer to (Perry) Santillo … Continue reading

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SEC Busts Insider Trading With Help of Ex-Wife

Karen and David Zilkha's marriage ended in messy divorce proceedings that included spousal abuse, restraining orders, an ongoing battle over their nine-year old twins and a SEC investigation. Their marriage began in 1998 in Washington State where Mr. Zilkha worked … Continue reading

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Bermuda Continues Cruise Ship Drug Busts

Yesterday the Bermuda Sun reported on two additional drugs busts involving both cruise passengers and crewmembers. The Bermuda Sun reports that yet another cruise passenger was arrested with a small amount of marijuana in his cabin. This arrest involved a … Continue reading

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Ferreira et al on Hosing Busts and Household Mobility

Fernando V. Ferreira (Wharton), Joseph Gyourko (Wharton), and Joseph S. Tracy (Federal Reserve Bank of New York) have posted Housing Busts and Household Mobility on SSRN. Heres the abstract: Using two decades of American Housing Survey data from 1985 to… … Continue reading

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