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Call for Papers on International Business Courts

Erasmus School of Law (under the ERC project Building EU Civil Justice) in collaboration with the Max Planck Institute for Procedural Law Luxembourg, and the Montaigne Centre for Rule of Law and Administration of Justice (Utrecht University) hosts the seminar ‘Innovating International … Continue reading

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With Eric Schneiderman Gone, Who Will Be New York’s Next Top Business Cop?: DealBook Briefing

After Mr. Schneiderman resigned as the state’s attorney general, the business world is wondering if his replacement would be as tough a regulator. Read more detail on Recent Business Law posts –

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California Supreme Court Narrows Rule for Independent Contractors Forcing Many Business to Reclassify Workers as Employees

On April 30, 2018, the California Supreme Court sent shock waves through businesses using independent Contractors.  The Court substantially narrowed the existing 30 year old rule for classifying workers as independent contractors under California wage-hour law. In Dynamex Operations West, … Continue reading

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Three Reasons Your Business Needs a Master Services Agreement

Are you tired of jumping through legal approval hoops every time you start a new project with an existing client? Then your business probably needs a master services agreement (MSA).  A master services agreement is a contract that spells out … Continue reading

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Consequences of Involving an American in Your Non-US business

Most people would never imagine that having an American business partner or employee (or even an American spouse) could result in having to disclose their business’ finances to the U.S. government. In certain circumstances, this is in fact, the case … Continue reading

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