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President Bush Signs Two Tax Bills

President Bush yesterday signed into law (here and here): H.R. 3996, The Tax Increase Prevention Act of 2007 (blogged here), which provides a one-year AMT patch Upon final House passage of H.R. 3996, IRS issued a statement saying it would… … Continue reading

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Tapegate Probe Will Outlast Bush Presidency

You cant make this stuff up. The federal prosecutor chosen to lead the criminal investigation into the Central Intelligence Agencys destruction of interrogation videotapes is the same guy who helped bust up the Boston mob. With his choice of veteran … Continue reading

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Bush v. Gore II: Voting Fraud Back at Court

On this morning after the New Hampshire primary, the Supreme Court hears oral arguments in a voting rights case that presents the justices with the most starkly partisan choice they have faced since Dec. 12, 2000. Read more detail on … Continue reading

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Bush Immigration Plan Sparks New Protests (Fox News)

Organizers say they expect several thousand people at a rally in Los Angeles on Saturday to protest President Bushs immigration reform plan. Read more detail on Legal News Directory – Immigration law

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Ends, Means, and George H.W. Bush

by Neil H. BuchananFour days before Donald Trump became president last year, the satirist Andy Borowitz faux-reported that George W. Bush was "eagerly counting down the days until he is no longer the worst President in U.S. history."  This was … Continue reading

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