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3 reasons Artificial Intelligence (AI) may not be a silver bullet for Cybersecurity

Darkreading.com reported that “To be fair, AI definitely has a few clear advantages for cybersecurity…in reality, like any technology, AI has its limitations.” The July 20, 2018 article entitled “Why Artificial Intelligence Is Not a Silver Bullet for Cybersecurity” included … Continue reading

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Cruise Ship Rape Reporting: How Cruise Lines Attempt to Dodge the Bullet

If you are planning a cruise vacation, you should know that cruise ship rape and sexual assault are the two most common crimes reported at sea. However, what you may not know is that the cruise line will not necessarily … Continue reading

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Director primacy in 5 minutes worth of bullet points

I'm going to be on a panel here at UCLA on Thursday along with several other corporate governance theorists. We've each been given 5 minutes to summarize our theory. Naturally, I'll be talking about director primacy. Obviously, it will be … Continue reading

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