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Tax Proposals in the French Budget for 2019

France is proposing to transform a tax subsidy for low earners into a broad reduction in employer payroll taxes designed to fund welfare programs and implement tax cuts that will directly benefit individuals and households. The 2019 budget proposal released … Continue reading

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Budget Cuts to CDC’s Epidemic Programs Endanger American Lives

A former chief of the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that the decision of the Center to cut down 80% of the epidemic prevention activities overseas could raise the danger for the United States. The reason … Continue reading

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Life Sucks Budget: Part II

The basic concept of the Life Sucks Budget is that for many of us there is just not enough money to pay the claims of bill collectors AND to pay the really important things of life, like retirement savings, emergency … Continue reading

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NJ 2019 Fiscal Year Budget Funds The Public Employee Pension System at a Greater Level Than Ever Before

As reported in multiple news sources, the current New Jersey State budget signed into law by Governor Philip Murphy increased state spending by more than one billion dollars and a large portion of that increase is going to the state’s grossly underfunded … Continue reading

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NJ Budget Increases Real Estate Tax Deduction!

2019 NJ Budget increased the real estate tax deduction for individuals from $10,000 to $15,000. An Amnesty Program is planned for delinquent taxpayers Read more detail on Recent Tax Law posts –

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