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Payment for Broken Engagement?

“Mexican brides and grooms who get cold feet before walking down the aisle will have to pay their significant other for the inconvenience, if a proposal by a local congressman is adopted. . . . Jose Antonio Zepeda, a city… … Continue reading

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California's Death Penalty System Is Broken Too

It is easy to be smug here in California, driving our hybrids, drinking our soy lattes, and condescendingly observing the executions in other states from afar. Troy Davis is executed in Georgia despite serious doubts about his guilt. Duane Buck … Continue reading

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Is family test the answer to Broken Britain?

In the charred and smoking aftermath of the worst riots this country has seen for (at least) a generation, Prime Minster David Cameron seems to have woken up to the fact that families could be at the heart of mending … Continue reading

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The United States' patent system is broken. It should be fixed. Doing so will improve America's competitive position in the world. Bad patents should not be granted. Patents should be examined more quickly. Inventors should be encouraged to invent new … Continue reading

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With broken pottery or otherwise, cut back on the least productive processes

Our word ostracize comes from votes in Athens written on broken pieces of pottery called ostrakon. The politician named most often on the pottery pieces was barred from the city for ten years — ostracized. This shard of history and… … Continue reading

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