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Pedestrian Struck by Car in Store Parking Lot Brings Maryland Negligence Claim Against Driver

Pedestrians can suffer serious and life-long injuries in Maryland car accidents, even when traveling at a low speed. In an October 3, 2017 case, a plaintiff was struck by a car as she walked from the parking lot toward the … Continue reading

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Connection Brings People Back – Business Development Lessons from Disney

It can seem like the reason that Disney is so successful is truly a dose of magic. But when you break it down, they have a real formula for excellence – excellence in leadership, creating and sustaining the right culture, and … Continue reading

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Mizzou law student brings greater awareness to mental health, substance recovery

In 2014, a Survey of Law Student Well-Being found that nearly one in four of participating law students screened positive for anxiety and 17 percent screened positive for depression. Additionally, 6 percent reported thinking about suicide within in the last … Continue reading

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How Digital Lending Service Hoopla Brings Libraries Into Internet Era

Forbes: “Libraries and their digital offerings are one of the most overlooked segments of the ebook industry. Hoopla, one of the digital lending services allowing libraries to offer ebooks and other digital content, has helped drive the unassuming library ebook … Continue reading

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Latest PHH v. CFPB Ruling Brings RESPA and CFPB Enforcement Approaches Back in Focus

It has been almost easy to forget that the PHH v. CFPB case started life as an appeal of an enforcement action taken by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) for purported violations of the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act … Continue reading

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