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New California Law Brings Changes to Juvenile Justice

The goal of the juvenile justice system is slightly different than that of the adult justice system. It is widely accepted in the legal world that juveniles have more of a capacity for change than older individuals, which is why the … Continue reading

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Florida Supreme Court brings clarity to Attorney-Fiduciary privilege (different from the attorney-client privilege)

FLORIDA SUPREME COURT ADOPTS “ATTORNEY-FIDUCIARY PRIVILEGE” RULE The attorney-client privilege is one of the oldest legal concepts and the backbone of providing effective legal services.  It keeps the communication between an attorney and her client secret and protects it from … Continue reading

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SEC Brings Enforcement Case Involving “Airdrop” of Securities

A recent settled SEC enforcement action against an ICO issuer (the “Company”) and its promoter calls into question the viability of the “airdrop” model of distributing digital tokens to investors. In the ICO context, an “airdrop” generally refers to the widespread … Continue reading

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Local Industrial Designer Brings our Compliance Map to Life

Spadea Lignana, a Philadelphia based franchise law firm, commissioned local industrial designer Ilias Storti to take their franchise compliance map and make it come alive.  Ilias laser cut colored acrylic to make each letter pop and to give each tile … Continue reading

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SDNY: Daniel Wellington Brings Counterfeiting Suit Against Overstock.com

Daniel Wellington, which is the watch of the decade (para 11), sues Overstock for sale of counterfeit watches.  Screenshot above depicts top search results for “DANIEL WELLINGTON” on Overstock.com just now. Read more detail on Recent Advertising Law posts – … Continue reading

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