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GAO: Sole-Source Bridge Contracts are Acceptable after Corrective Action

Generally, agencies are required to maximize competition for procurements. But there are exceptions to this rule, such as for simplified acquisitions. Another exception is for sole source bridge contracts awarded between the end of an incumbent contract and the start of … Continue reading

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Customs Seizes $46,536 in Bulk Cash at B&M Bridge

Earlier this year, CBP officers in Brownsville, Texas, seized a lot of money from a a pedestrian who was leaving the United States for Mexico, although the man was a Mexican national. Cash seizures by Customs officials at the land … Continue reading

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Teen Who Pushed Friend off Bridge Asserts Her Innocence

A girl was caught on video when she pushed her friend off of a bridge in Washington in August, and she is now facing criminal charges. On August 7, a group of friends gathered at Moulton Falls at a bridge … Continue reading

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Mississippi Turns to Lottery, Other Tax Changes, in Special Session to Fund Bridge Repair

In a five-day special session that concluded August 29th, Mississippi lawmakers reached an agreement to reduce the state’s $400 million per year infrastructure funding shortfall, a plan that includes several tax changes. As of mid-August, more than 400 locally-owned bridges … Continue reading

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Jackson on Mail-Order Bridge Trafficking

Suzanne H. Jackson (George Washington University – Law School) has posted To Honor and Obey: Trafficking in 'Mail-Order Brides' on SSRN.  Here is the abstract: The "mail-order bride" industry has become more popular and more visible with globalization and the ubiquity of … Continue reading

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