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Going off Half Breached

Toms v Ruberry (2019) EWCA Civ 128 This case deals with the lease of a public house. It has passed through a number of different landlords and tenants but the current landlord is Mr Toms and the tenant, Ms Ruberry. The … Continue reading

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My Contract Partner Has Breached Our Express Oral Contract. What Rights Do I Have in Florida?

Certainly, it is preferable in any commercial setting to make sure that the terms of any contractual agreement are carefully negotiated and then put down in writing in a clear and accurate written document. Sometimes, though, the reality of business … Continue reading

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Breached Hospitals Spend More on Marketing

As a bit of an analog to yesterday's post about the impact of a breach on stock price, recently breached companies tend to improve their performance against the market, which might indicate that the breach serves as a "wake-up call" … Continue reading

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At ILTA Conference, Teen Proves How Easily Law Firm Networks Can Be Breached

In July, CNBC reported that a Russian hacker is selling access to the data of a New York City law firm for $3,500 on the dark web. What’s even more alarming is that, according to Q6 Cyber, a cybersecurity company, … Continue reading

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Company Says Customer Breached Their Contract by Dying

If a company tells you that you breached their contract by dying, you may still be alive, an immortal or receiving mail past the Pearly Gates. “The BBC reports that a woman in the UK got a stern letter from … Continue reading

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