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SWALL Inside Books Project

Heather Holmes, Assistant Law Librarian at the Harris County Law Library, is organizing a book donation at the SWALL annual meeting in Houston this April. For those of you attending and interested in donating, here is a link with additional information.From … Continue reading

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Two new books focus on the injustice of algorithms

The difficulty with talking about the technology industry is that it’s increasingly hard to define. “A tech company can be a giant data-mining operation turned advertising platform, like Facebook or Google. But it can also be a design-heavy producer of … Continue reading

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Books to Assist Your Young Child and Teens with Divorce

During this chapter in your life there is going to be situation that arise during your divorce that you are unsure how to handle or address with your young child or teen. This is a confusing time for your young … Continue reading

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The best economics books on Immigration

What are the economic effects of immigration? Economist Ian Goldin, a professor at Oxford University and founding director of the Oxford Martin School, recommends books and explains. Bloody Foreigners by Robert Winder Borderless Economics by Robert Guest The Age of… … Continue reading

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Dahlia Lithwick's Picks: Books About the Supreme Court

In this FiveBooks interview, Dahlia Lithwick picks five great books on the Supreme Court and talks about the process of covering the Court for Slate. Read more detail on Recent Law Librarian Posts –

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