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Revolution? Will 2017 mark in history the year when sexual harassment finally became unacceptable and when the world started placing blame where it belongs?

Sexual harassment didn't start with Bill O'Reilly or Harvey Weinstein. It has been around since women entered the workplace.  For countless women, going to work has meant being targeted by their co-workers and their bosses. Being hit-on, propositioned, threatened, even … Continue reading

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CJR – Don’t blame the election on fake news. Blame it on the media.

Columbia Journalism Review: “Since the 2016 presidential election, an increasingly familiar narrative has emerged concerning the unexpected victory of Donald Trump. Fake news, much of it produced by Russian sources, was amplified on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, … Continue reading

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Europe, Welfare States, and Blame for Economic Woes

— Posted by Neil H. Buchanan My latest Verdict column, published today, is mostly a response to a snarky comment by Mitt Romney in a recent debate. (Yes, I realize that the adjective "snarky" is now redundant when describing anything … Continue reading

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Fatigue to blame for ship’s reef grounding

Fatigue to blame for ship’s reef grounding The final investigation into the grounding of a Chinese coal carrier on the Great Barrier Reef last year has found fatigue was a major factor in causing the accident. Read more on Australian … Continue reading

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Fans to Blame for "Tunes for Tyrants"

In today's Doonesbury, Jimmy Thudpucker explains that it's all the fans' fault that the patron model has certain risks. Read more detail on Recent Copyright Posts –

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