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Report: Wage Law Violations Result in Billions of Dollars in Total Payouts

Violations of statutory wage and hour requirements represent a very big problem for corporate employers. Cumulative payouts in private lawsuits and government enforcement for wage payment violations run into the billions, according to a new report from an organization called … Continue reading

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How Steven Kazan (@Kazanlaw) and Alan Brayton (@Brayton Law) Misappropriated Billions from Asbestos Trust Funds – 4 Simple Steps

How Steven Kazan and Alan Brayton Misappropriated Billions from Asbestos Trust Funds in 4 Simple Steps The “Methods” of Corruption of 2 California Asbestos Lawyers Every present and future victim of asbestos diseases will receive less money because of 2 … Continue reading

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China’s Biggest Deal Maker Spent Billions. Now the Bill Comes Due.

As Beijing puts growing pressure on some of the country’s most ambitious companies, HNA rushes to sell assets to help pay back $90 billion in debt. Read more detail on Recent Business Law posts – Last search terms:chinas … Continue reading

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Shareholder Suits Over GE Insurance Shortfall – Billions of Dollars at Risk

General Electric Co is being sued by shareholders who are accusing the company of concealing insurance liabilities and an SEC investigation, saying it cost shareholders tens of billions of dollars. The lawsuit seeks damages on behalf of shareholders from Feb. … Continue reading

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Forbes' First List of Cryptocurrency's Richest: Meet the Secretive Freaks, Geeks and Visionaries Minting Billions from Bitcoin Mania

Matthew Mellon, a banking heir who saw his $2 million investment in XRP, Ripple's cryptocurrency, explode into a billion dollar fortune, learned first-hand the dangers associated with earning perceived easy money. The morning following a night of festivities at his… … Continue reading

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