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Beware the zombie invasion (stock exchange edition)

On September 18, Deloitte released a new report which outlines a roadmap for the competitive business climate in Canada. Included in the report is a warning that “Canada may have a zombie problem.” Luckily, Deloitte isn’t raising concern about hordes … Continue reading

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Beware “Natural” Advertising

What does “natural” mean in the context of product advertising?  Consumers see phrases like “natural,” “all natural,” and “100% natural” over and over again in modern marketing.  The trouble is that “natural” may not mean what consumers expect it to mean, thereby opening … Continue reading

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ICO Platforms Beware: You May Be Operating as Unregistered Broker-Dealers

On September 11, 2018, the SEC announced that TokenLot LLC, a so called "ICO Superstore," agreed to settle charges brought by the SEC for operating as an unregistered broker-dealer.  The investigation was conducted by the SEC Cyber Unit.The ICO Superstore … Continue reading

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Beware of Actual Cash Value Endorsements

Actual cash value polices should rarely be sold on a typical home. Insurance agents who sell these policies knowing that a mortgage exists are negligent because various federal laws and regulations generally require that negotiable mortgages are to be protected … Continue reading

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Tai Chi Tea: Beware of TM Infringement

Diamond Hong owns the Tai Chi mark shown above on the left and Tai Chi Green Tea is has the mark on the right.  Are these confusingly similar if both used in the hot beverage market? The PTAB sided with cancellation … Continue reading

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