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How to Better Regulate Payments to Research Participants

The development of life-saving drugs and cutting-edge treatments depends on people participating in clinical research. But federal regulators restrict clinical researchers from using the exchange of payments for research participation—a powerful study recruitment strategy—because they worry that this practice leads … Continue reading

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Children Who Get Less Screen Time Think Better, Study Finds

Keeping your kid’s mind sharp might involve making sure they don’t spend all day on their smartphone or other screen devices, suggests yet more research published this week. Canadian researchers looked at the first bits of data from a 10-year-long … Continue reading

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Tweet of the Day: “Economists are Starting to Suspect that Unions Were a Better Deal than Textbooks Made Them Out To Be”

September 24 2018 This is my absolute new favourite headline on #IndustrialRelations and #LabourEconomists.   The accompanying article provides a nice, brief summary of the long-standing debates about What Unions Do and even links to the 1979 paper by Richard … Continue reading

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Just Starting Out with Family? Better Consider an Estate Plan

An estate plan is always important if you have a family – and even if you don’t. Estate planning is especially important for families just starting out and is also important for setting up a plan to pass on assets … Continue reading

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PARTY LIKE IT’S 5779: Ben Shapiro: Where I Can Do Better in 5779….

PARTY LIKE IT’S 5779: Ben Shapiro: Where I Can Do Better in 5779. Read more detail on Recent Law Professor posts –

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