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A better way to explain the introduction of credits against states' income taxes to serve charitable objectives

There has been a whole lot of talk recently (from me as well as others) concerning how state and local governments should respond to the drastic curtailment of federal income tax deductibility for state and local income and property taxes.One … Continue reading

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Can divorce be good? Make changes in your life for the better.

Finding the Silver Lining: Can Divorce be Good?   Can divorce be good? Make changes in your life for the better. http://www.divorcemag.com/newsletter-blog/the-silver-lining-can-divorce-be-good For more information on California family law please visit www.hardinglaw.com. Read more detail on Recent Family Law posts … Continue reading

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New Year’s resolutions for better relationships

From three sources, a potpourri of tips for you and your partner on improving your marriage or relationship. Psychology Today features Jeremy S. Nicholson’s 6 tips, three each for singles and for couples: Resolutions for Singles 1) Be More Social… … Continue reading

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Learning from Experience for Better Government

We need government. We need government to work well.  More precisely, we need government to be effective, efficient, fair, courteous, understandable, and honest in the way it tackles the responsibilities legally given to it through democratic and other decision-making processes. … Continue reading

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Stop Fixating on Your Dream Job and Just Get a Better Job

Pining for a dream job? Just get a better job instead. The longer you wait to make a move, the worse off you may be. Hopping to another in-house counsel job may just be the answer to progressing on your … Continue reading

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