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Military Retirement and Divorce: The Consequences of Taking Disability Benefits in New Jersey

In any divorce matter, the issue of retirement can be contentious. This is usually because it can be one of the largest assets in the marriage, particularly when the parties have been married long-term. When it comes to the division … Continue reading

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Unemployment insurance benefits unavailable to claimant found to have engaged in disqualifying misconduct

§75 of the Civil Service Law permits the appointing authority to place an employee served with disciplinary charges on leave without pay for up to 30-days pending the completion of the disciplinary hearing and the determination of the penalty to … Continue reading

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Social Security Disability Benefits: How Long Does It Take for a Decision to Be Made?

When you are ill or injured and unable to work, every week that goes by without a paycheck can be difficult and life-altering.  As such, many people who file for Social Security Disability Benefits are anxious to move through the … Continue reading

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Disregarding unrebutted medical evidence in the record supporting an application for accidental disability retirement benefits fatal to the Medical Board and the Board of Trustees rejecting the application

Petitioner's application for accident disability retirement (ADR) benefits was rejected by both the Medical Board and the Board of Trustees. The Appellate Division unanimously annulled these decisions, on the law, and the matter remanded for further proceedings.Petitioner, said the Appellate … Continue reading

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Ten Things to Consider and Look For in Your ERISA Life and/or Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) Insurance Plans When Selecting Benefits or You Want to File a Claim

1. Obtain a full copy of your plan. The full plan will not typically be a benefit summary or a print-out from a website. It will be fairly long and many definitions and it will recite your ERISA plan terms, … Continue reading

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