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Episode 007: “For Whom the Bell Tolls” (Challenging VA Medical Examiner’s Competence)

In today’s episode of the VA Form 21 Podcast, I am going to teach you how to become a better advocate by challenging the VA Medical Examiner’s competence – or at least rebutting the presumption of competence in your client’s … Continue reading

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Traditional vs Clean Meat: Cattlemen Ring the Bell for Round 1

By Riëtte van Laack — Clean or cultured meat are terms used for animal muscle produced by growing cells directly rather than via the rearing and slaughtering of an animal. The idea of growing meat (or muscle) from cells outside … Continue reading

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Making factual findings subject to never-ending review: Wisconsin Bell

In Wisconsin Bell, an employee with bi-polar disorder asked to be off work temporarily because his anxiety was triggering a mental breakdown. The employer did not believe the request was legitimate, however, and dismissed the employee for shirking. The employee … Continue reading

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Taco Bell in Violation of Disability Law, Federal Judge in California Rules

A federal judge recently ruled that Mexican fast food chain Taco Bell violated both federal and California laws protecting the disabled from discrimination at its restaurants, the Associated Press reports. While this ruling is based on customer complaints, the same … Continue reading

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The Colonel or The Bell?

Which brand do you believe is better equipped to enjoy the benefits of using a non-verbal logo? In other words, which brand can more easily shed the words from the visual identity, in the hopes of joining the ranks of … Continue reading

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