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Resilience project (a belated apology)

Cutting-edge research in the last 20 years has finally proven Freud right, at least in his original insight.  Early childhood experiences can alter a persons entire life course, and even lifespan.  Children who suffer adverse experiences – including neglect or … Continue reading

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Happy belated birthday Pink Tape. You’re not dead yet old gal…

Confession: I’ve been paralysed by that tweet that asks people to tweet three of their achievements from 2017. I’ve just buggered along really. Kept on doing the same old stuff, kept my head above water, just. As the year draws … Continue reading

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Belated notes: Wharton Colloquium on Media & Communications Law

Wharton Colloquium on Media and Communications Law (papers available at link; due to a hilarious series of barriers and unforced errors, I only attended the Saturday session) Christopher Yoo, The Federal Takeover of the U.S. Telephone System During World War … Continue reading

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