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The facts behind Trump’s ‘Spygate’ conspiracy

On Thursday, the DOJ briefed congressional leaders and White House staffers on classified information about the FBI’s use of a confidential informant who met with Trump aides. The BBC reports the facts behind Trump’s conspiracy. — Joe Read more detail … Continue reading

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Report: Chinese government is behind a decade of hacks on software companies

Enlarge / This phishing message used Google's link-shortening service, allowing researchers to learned details about potential targets. (credit: ProtectWise) Researchers said Chinese intelligence officers are behind almost a decade's worth of network intrusions that use advanced malware to penetrate software … Continue reading

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British Cruise Passenger Medevaced from P&O Britannia, Wife Left Behind Not Knowing His Condition

While no one expects to fall ill while on vacation, it is not uncommon for cruise passengers to require medevac assistance. In most cases, a nurse or family member is able to accompany the ailing passenger to the hospital. However, … Continue reading

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Google cannot hide behind its algorithms, German court finds

The Higher Regional Court of Cologne had to decide upon a rather peculiar case that involved statements ‘made’ by Google’s search engine.The plaintiff in this case was born in 1945 and was convicted by a German criminal court for attempted … Continue reading

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Executor Who Hid Existence Of Will From Beneficiaries Cannot Avoid Getting Sued By Hiding Behind Statute Of Limitations

The defendant, who was the agent under his aunt’s power of attorney and executor of her estate, was sued by beneficiaries of the decedent’s estate for breach of fiduciary duty as her agent and executor. The power of attorney and … Continue reading

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