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"As seen on TV" can be false advertising if seller hasn't been seen on TV

E. Mishan & Sons, Inc. v. Smart & Eazy Corp., 2018 WL 6528496, No. 18 Civ. 3217 (PAE) (S.D.N.Y. Dec. 12, 2018)Plaintiff Emson sued defendants Masterpan and S&E for false advertising.  The parties compete to sell pots and pans.  Emson’s … Continue reading

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NO. NEXT QUESTION? Should We Be Upset If the IRS Has Been ‘Gutted’? I wish that the malefactors i…

NO. NEXT QUESTION? Should We Be Upset If the IRS Has Been ‘Gutted’? I wish that the malefactors in the IRS Tea Party targeting scandal had been properly punished, but collective punishment is better than nothing. Read more detail on … Continue reading

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Four million Europeans' signatures opposing Article 13 have been delivered to the European Parliament

Lawmakers in the European Union (EU) often lament the lack of citizen engagement with the complex policy questions that they wrestle with in Strasbourg and Brussels, so we assume that they will be delighted to learn that more than 4,000,000 … Continue reading

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Binge Drinking and Drunk Driving Have Always Been a Concern for Veterans

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has taken a closer look at the instances of veterans engaging in binge drinking and its potential causes. The rate of binge drinking has climbed from roughly 14% in 2013 to just under … Continue reading

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Been et al. on the Impact of Supportive Housing

Vicki Been, Ingrid Gould Ellen, Michael Gedal, and Ioan Voicu (all of NYU) have posted The Impact of Supportive Housing on Surrounding Neighborhoods on SSRN. Heres the abstract:Communities across New York City and around the nation commonly oppose proposals to… … Continue reading

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