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Will the Unemployment Discrimination Bill Become Law?

Earlier today, I had a conversation with Judy Greenwald from Business Insurance magazine. We discussed the proposed law to prohibit discrimination against job applicants on the basis of unemployment status. She published an article: American Jobs Act would prohibit discrimination … Continue reading

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Michigan Drivers' License Restoration – How a Denial can Become a Win

In my role as a Driver's License Restoration Lawyer, I read the decisions of the Michigan Secretary of State's Driver Assessment and Appeal Division (DAAD) almost daily. Fortunately, when reading those Orders for the License Appeals that I handle, I'm … Continue reading

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Become a Better Listener

Despite my fairly in-depth knowledge of communication, my wife occasionally states that my listening and communication skills are "less than perfect." In fact, I think more times than not, her statements are usually, "Your communication skills suck!" As you can … Continue reading

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Survivors of the Deepwater Horizon Become Advocates for Offshore Safety; Send Letter To USCG Investigators

With just a little over one year since the tragic Deepwater Horizon disaster that claimed the lives of 11 oil rig workers, Doug Brown, one of the 10 most injured survivors of the blast, has become an advocate for improvements … Continue reading

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