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They sort of like saying "shithole" — because they said it a few extra times.

I'm paraphrasing Lenny Bruce — at the behest of a reader who sent me this clip: Read more detail on Recent Law Professor posts –

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What Do You Do When The FAA Denies Your Medical Application Because Your Physician Made The Wrong Diagnosis?

I was recently asked this question by an airman in this very difficult situation. When the airman was younger, the airman was diagnosed as having bipolar disorder. More recently the airman was evaluated by a new doctor who told the … Continue reading

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Just Because Someone Says Something Nice About You, Doesn’t Mean It’s True

Some people are talking about a new “Best Law Twitter” list from a site called NAME OMITTED. Donald Trump is on the list. Senator Warren. Bryan Garner, AboveTheLaw. Also people like Bob Ambrogi, Dan Lear, and of course, yours truly. … Continue reading

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Taking Of Power Line Easement Is For Public Use Because Public Has Right To Use The Electricity

The South Dakota Supreme Court's opinion in Montana-Dakota Utilities Co. v. Parkshill Farms, LLC, No. 28174 (Dec. 13, 2017), resolved both a public use question, and one of compensation. In other words, something for every takings maven, no matter your … Continue reading

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Navy moves commanding officers to administrative duties because of sexual assault allegations

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