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Some States Have Higher Disease Rates – Because of Unvaccinated Kids?

States with high rates of non-medical exemptions from vaccines also have high rates of disease outbreak risk, according to a new study published in the journal PLOS Medicine. There are 18 different states in the United States that allow non-medical … Continue reading

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DC Cir: No Property Right In A Clean And Pure Environment Because No Right To Exclude Others

Remember that case from earlier this year where the Hawaii Supreme Court held that for purposes of Hawaii's Due Process Clause, the Sierra Club (any "person," actually) has a property right in a "clean and healthful environment?" We asked if … Continue reading

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Murder conviction overturned because of Fifth Amendment violations

Today in Hendrix v. Palmer, the Sixth Circuit affirmed the grant of habeas relief to a Michigan prisoner, and added another reason he deserves relief.Joseph Hendrix received a life sentence after losing at trial on charges of carjacking and felony … Continue reading

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A Plaintiff Lawyer Withdraws Because the Thrill is Gone

It is big news when one of the most successful plaintiff-side corporate and securities lawyers decides to walk away from the game, but that is exactly what Stuart Grant of Grant & Eisenhofer, the Delaware shareholder litigation firm, is going … Continue reading

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A Pennsylvania Woman’s Root Canal Went Awry, and Her Lawsuit Did Too Because She Litigated Without Legal Representation

For many people, trips to the dentist are never fun. That is especially true if you are headed to the dentist’s office to get a root canal procedure. What could be worse than that, you might wonder. Well, one possibility … Continue reading

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