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Massachusetts Homeowners Battle Subdivision Developer Over Right of Way on Their Property

The purchase and sale agreement between a buyer and seller of property contains important details about the transaction.  A Massachusetts real estate attorney can explain the terms of the purchase and sale agreement so that a home buyer understands the … Continue reading

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V Energy loses a mother of a battle over color trademark: Australia court’s decision in Frucor v Coca-Cola

We, as consumers, regularly associate colours with our favourite brands as we stroll down supermarket aisles and peer at billboards and banners in shopping centres.  But for brand holders, gaining protection for proprietary colours is not a walk in the … Continue reading

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The Giants of Document Management Supplies in Battle: Fuji v. Xerox — Best Naperville Business Dispute and Breach of Contract Lawyer

Most people associate Fuji and Xerox with an office setting involving photocopying and printing. If you go to their website at: https://www.fujixerox.com They advertise smart work innovation that liberates from Restraints with an open professional expertise.  These are work aspects … Continue reading

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Another Arrow in the Ongoing Pollution From Ships Battle?

On December 18, 2008, the USEPA announced that a new general permit (in effect starting today) will be required for twenty-six types of discharges from vessels operating in the waters of the United States. By the USEPA’s estimate, this will… … Continue reading

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Deployed troops battle for custody of children (USA Today)

Some family court judges have ruled that determining whats best for a child in a custody case trumps federal law protecting servicemembers from civil actions. And so, in many cases when a soldier deploys, the ex-spouse seeks custody, and temporary … Continue reading

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