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The Basics of Construction Bonding

When new clients contact us, they frequently have questions regarding bonds used on construction projects; they want to know their rights and obligations under payment bonds and performance bonds.  Sometimes performance or payment bonds are required by law; other times, … Continue reading

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Back to basics: record keeping requirements

Employee document storage and retention policies: it is not cutting edge legal theory or management philosophy, but companies that think about and actively develop a plan will save large amounts of money.  The costs savings will come from being able … Continue reading

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Basics of Estate Planning: Portability

What is “portability” and how is it elected? This article discusses these topics and explains some shortcuts that can be taken when filing a return only for portability. Read on to learn more. The post Basics of Estate Planning: Portability … Continue reading

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What Charitable Giving Basics Should I Know?

Giving to charity can benefit you as well as the organization. Read more detail on Recent Estate Planning posts –

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Informed Consent Claims in New York Medical Malpractice Cases: The Basics of a Claim

The relationship between physician and patient is a partnership when it is functioning properly.  This is a partnership in which trust is a foundational and indispensable component.  When a patient seeks medical care and treatment from a doctor, the patient … Continue reading

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