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Filing Bankruptcy In Minnesota? Please Be Aware of Scammers!

If you are a resident of Minnesota, be careful about getting sucked into using services of an out of state marketing company, or out of state law firm trying to help you File Bankruptcy in Minnesota. Some of these companies have … Continue reading

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Scam/Spam Legal Awards: Lawyers and Clients Be Aware

This post is directed to both lawyers and clients who wonder whether the “Awards” boasted by their favourite law firm or lawyer are legitimate or whether they are “scam”, ego, or pay-to-play awards. One good example is found in the … Continue reading

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Tax Talk – Are You Aware of All Available Packaging Exemptions?

Welcome to TaxTalk–a video series where Buckingham Partners Steven A. Dimengo and Richard B. Fry discuss hot topics, new developments and tax law you need to know. Are you taking advantage of the packaging tax exemption? It may include more … Continue reading

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“I made him aware he is very lucky”

A Local Government Ombudsman Report on the actions of Maidstone Borough Council towards a homeless household makes for depressing reading. Both for the actions (and inactions) of the Council and for what it lays bare about the attitude to the … Continue reading

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Defendant Must Be Aware of Child in Stolen Car to Be Charged With Kidnapping – Delgado v. State of Florida

Getting to know – and prove – the mindset of the defendant is an important part of my work as a Miami-Dade criminal defense attorney. To get a conviction for many crimes, prosecutors must show that the defendant had a … Continue reading

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